Our Takeaways from the Session

Please share
  • ONE* IDEA that you think is USEFUL. Why do you think so?
  • Do you think this idea (or resources) would be applicable in your course of work (e.g. integrating it into your lesson)? If it is, please elaborate your thoughts further.
*You are most welcome to share more ideas :D


  1. Poll everywhere is another good and useful tool I can use in my class to gather feedback from students. Reminder on the use of Preview Annotations help me to remember to introduce this tool to my students to reflect on the online notes that are provided for them during the lesson.

  2. Nur Johari commented ...
    I particularly like the infusion of technology into the curriculum and how a well planned ICT-laden lesson could increase engagement of the learner. Interesting tools such as the web search Wonder Wheel and also the collaborative tool Wallwisher.com

  3. That Pages can be multimedia excites me and opens up possibilities, as the new EL syllabus brings forth multimodalities in effective communication.

  4. I particularly like the Poll Everywhere where I can take note of my students' learning very fast. It would be useful for online discussions too. Wonder Wheel & Wall Wisher are very exciting tools.

  5. S Wolfe
    I liked how she married the pedagogy with ICT. I found her ITEC 184 course that she showed us extremely useful as a guideline of how to set up lesson using inquiry based learning and a constructivist approach.

  6. Learnt some interesting application of Google tools in the form of the Wonder Wheel and Google Squared. They are indeed important advances to know as this will help us impart the skills of acquiring and using knowledge in Web 2.0 for education, but more importantly towards Web 3.0 in terms of semantic web. Google Squared and Wolfram Alpha are two advances towards a sematic web approach, and students and teachers alike should know of the impact this has on future teaching and learning.


  7. The poll and wonder wheel were useful which I would probably try out.

  8. I found her e-learning platform very useful, as it allowed for the teacher to check on the students' progress even if there was no f2f interaction for that particular week. The learning cycle is student-centred, which really forms a sound foundation for an inquiry-based curriculum.

  9. 2 things I like about the lesson/resource sharing:

    (1) The lesson introduction to the storybook, which helps the learners to connect to the main theme / intent behind the story (through hair) - the emotional connection made was powerful!

    (2) The WallWisher is a simple yet powerful tool that could be so easily and creatively used! I also admire my fellow colleague's enthusiasm and creativity in the use!

    Well, here's the very first attempt to try with the class (in the same week) in the introduction of "Data Handling":

    Hm... "When you wish upon a "wall", makes no difference who you are... ", it's really the creative and powerful use that made a difference :D